December 23, 2010

Project N.O.M.A.D...the beginning

=Hmmm So I was fortunate enough to get an NXT loaned to me...what should I do?

-I got it, how about I make a robot that doesn't run into anything?

=Yea... not that exciting

-Well, what if I give it the capability to decide where it should go based on its surroundings

=That's better but how you gonna do that?

-What if I use the sonar sensor to pick up information about its surroundings, then I can use that information to see where i should go?


-I can make the head swivel so as to have even a greater capacity of deciding if say it comes to a wall or something!

=Nice. Now it's time to get to work.

The very first test of the head swiveling concept design:

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1 comment:

Karan said...

Hey cool project! Just out of curiosity, have you tried something like this with the sensor multiplexer? I am working on using the sensor multiplexer to do something similar using 4 sonar sensors on all 4 sides of a robot, to determine a series of tasks to complete based on the robots position. Never thought of using a spinning sonar sensor though! Nice project!