December 21, 2010

Project S6

Quad-Rotor idea:

The premise of my design is to have a micro air vehicle, in this case a quad or poly rotor craft which would be able to carry a carbon fiber shell, which would house an array of flexible solar panels atop its roof along with integrated micro TESNIC wind turbines on the side of the shell that would provide energy to the MAV's propellers (while storing any excess energy). But the real genius of this idea has mainly todo with the myriad sensors that provide information to the on-board computer that tells S6 where to hover based on the readings it receives from the on-board sensors and finding, locating and thus collecting the optimal output of radiant energy (or even the optimal wind energy, if say a cloudy day were to arise). Naturally, this would be S6's default mode; however, another mode which I like to call tag-mode where you give S6 a command say for example "follow me" where upon S6 would follow you. I hope to have a sensor on the subject say on a wrist watch or cell phone so as to have S6 track the individuals GPS readings. Later I hope to have a facial recognition software that would be able to recognize a face and upon request would follow the individual.

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