December 21, 2010

Robots playing TRON anyone?

OMG, Robots playing Tron!

I was thinking of having 2-4 small autonomous robots playing Tron. The "Grid" could be a White-board where each "Cycle" is equipped with a dry erase marker to mark where they are and where they have been. Additionally, I was thinking I could have a couple of White-board eraser robots that clean up the markings at the end of each round :D
As far as communication goes, Mike Ornstein from Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Club advised me to have a high quality sensor (a camera and computer) to help the robots constantly communicate their positions to each other, which would also make the autonomous erasers more efficient at detecting and erasing the trail markings the Cycles made.

Perhaps later on, I could add more Cycles and even have Remote Controlled Cycles so as to have more interaction with the human players!

The only problem I can think of is making the robots turn at 90 degree angles.
However, recently I got some inspiration from an autonomous security robot called Cyberguard SR3, which I believe solves this problem pretty easily.

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