April 26, 2011

Proof of Concept Videos

This post illustrates the fundamental goals behind Project Scout. Below I show case two videos that bring together the basic moves as well as the communication aspect of a cooperative maze solve.

In the first video,
Robot1 (on the left) chooses a random number greater than 720 encoder clicks, and then sets that number as the encoder target. Robot1 then goes forward for that X amount of encoder clicks and upon completion sends its recorded encoder values to Robot2(on the right). Finally, just as Robot1 did, Robot2 then travels forward for the same X amount of encoder clicks sent to it by Robot1. Thus both robots travel the same distance, which proves that robot to robot communication as well as the coordination of forward movement is possible.

In the second video,

Robot1 (this time on the right) randomly chooses an action, either left or right, displays it on its LCD screen, and then "commands" Robot2 whether it should move left or right. Robot2 (on the left) displays the command sent to it by Robot1 on its LCD screen, and then executes the command accordingly. Check it out!

PS Thanks Xander for the encouragement :)
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