September 19, 2011

A Kid in a Candy-Store, but Better.

3-D Printer
Another experience that made this summer unforgettable was my many visits to MIT's Electronic Research Society (MITERS). During my first visit to MITERS I met Steven who showed me around the shop. After getting somewhat acclimated, I spent two hours building the maze I used for Project Scout. It was pretty amusing walking into Simmons with a arm-full of cardboard in my hands. (Good times). Yet, my second visit to MITERS was undoutdley my most memorable. That time, I got to see a 3-D printer at work, and ride Shane Colton's homemade Segway.

Take a look:

In addition, I got to sit in a shopping cart. Now that doesn't sound to exciting, but it is when that shopping cart has been transformed into a go-cart!! All in all I had a great time and I met a lot of interesting people.