February 20, 2012

YES. Problem Solved!

Earlier today I made a critical step with Project Scout 2.0. I did a few tests with some code I threw together and it was so close to what I needed.

I used a string array and a for-loop to achieve the "wait command" I needed, but the second robot didn't execute all the commands it received. I also wanted to create an array that can hold more than finite values. I posted my inquiry on facebook and Xander informed me that, "Everything in ROBOTC is static, so there is no indefinite array," so with that food for thought I decided to take a break and finish up my calculus homework.

After a few hours I looked back over the code and I started laughing. I accidentally modified the code when I was doing something for FTC and never changed it back. I made a few adjustments and  I got everything to work :D

Here's a sneak peak:

If you're interested in doing this project or something similar, I'll be posting videos, sample code, and lessons on the ROBOT-C Multi Robot Wiki in the upcoming days so be on the look out!