March 20, 2012

From Platform 2 Robot

Robotic Soccer is in full swing and my TINY platform is now a robot!
Her name is Nimo (nemo) a play on the word omni.
Today, I did some rewiring and adjustments:
  • Removing the servo controller,
  • Samantha Module, and
  • Adding some senors to help Nimo better "see" her world.

With the Samantha and servo controller out of the way, we have a lot more room. My friend Josh is creating a mechanical solenoid that will be the ball kicker for the robot! Cevan is cooking up something too and building out a VEX powered omnidirectional platform (similar to Nimo) which will end up being Nimo's partner in the robosoccer competition in April!

Here's some pictures of the progress we've made so far.
The first 3 of the 4 IR Seekers attached.
They will aid in finding the IR Ball


Next Steps
In order to make Nimo fully autonomous, I'll be adding even more sensors and programming the omnidirectional drive kinematics which will be a fun but challenging at the same time. I'm also working on a few programs that will help me become more familiar with the sensors and their limitations. For example, to test the the capabilities of the IR Seekers in relation to Nimo's design, I will program the robot to emit a sound if it has detected the IR Ball from any of the three sensors. This iterative approach will help us identify the range of the sensors and determine if the use of additional sensors will be necessary give the size of the playing field.

That's all for now. Keep track of all things related to robosoccer here: