March 16, 2012

Soccer Ideas and Support

Today we had a very successful Robotics Club Bake Sale! Hopefully we can use some of the money we earned to get an NXTCam and I'll run with that.

For now, I'm content with using an NXTCam, mostly because it is supported by ROBOTC and my intent on participating in the Robocup Jr. Soccer competition. (The competition forbids the use of external communication such as using a laptop to interface between the Kinect and NXTCam.)

Sensor Suite
To start, I'll be building upon the omnidirectional platform I built recently [here] and [here] working with what sensors we have available. Below is my proposed sensor suite. 

Close Range IR Ball Detection:
(4) IR Seekers 90° from each other
(4) Sonar Sensors (maybe)

Long Range IR Ball Detection:
(1) NXTCam+ IR Permitting Lens

Position Data:
(1) Accelerometer (Position)
(1) Compass Sensor (Heading)
(4) Motor Encoders
*Hopefully I can replace the Accelerometer and Compass sensors with Microinfinity's XG1300 or Dexter Industries dIMU!

(1) NXTBee (eventually)

If Cevan and I can successfully build and program one soccer playing robot, we might be able to impress some local companies to sponsor us for another LEGO Tetrix Kit so we can build a second robot for the competition in April! That would be awesome :)

Sponsor Us!
If you're interested in sponsoring us, contact our club adviser Mr. Koehler (Kaylor)

Here's a list of things we need:
(1) Dexter Industries dIMU
(1) NXTCam
(1) Hi Technic Sensor multiplexer
(1+)Dexter Industries NXTBee Radio
(1+)Tetrix DC motors

Wish List:
(1) Microsoft Kinect