March 6, 2012

Sounds Like Fun

With the conclusion of FTC, Cevan and I decided we should build something awesome. I asked a few friends of mine for suggestions on what we should do and so far we have:

  1. A Homemade Segway
  2. An electric skateboard
  3. An omnidirectional robot
  4. Autonomous/Sentry Nerf Gun
  5. Turn a Shopping Cart into a Go-cart
Of course any of these would be awesome, so we started with what we could find around the shop.
Surprisingly, we have most of the materials for the Segway, but we just need an IMU. Instead of doing the Segway right away, we decided to go with the omnidirectional robot first.

We're incorporating elements from this year's FTC competition Bowled Over as well.
So it will basically be a robot capable of holonomic drive with a cool crate arm that: grabs crates, throws it on its back, and then lefts them as high as it can go!

Here's some pictures of the chassis we've built so far:

Update as of 3/6:

If you guys have any suggestions on what we should do next we'd love to hear them :D