April 2, 2012

The Bubbling Problem

Everyone who's ever had pepsi/coke/sprite etc knows the "bubble" problem. So I was thinking last nigth that with some calc if one could actually find the perfect fill rate so one could pour their drink perfectly without fearing it bubbling over lol

Things to know:
-the volume of the cup
-rate of change of the volume as you pour the drink in ur cup
-rate of change of bubble disappearance
-plus given conditions

I posted this on Facebook yesterday and it generated an interesting discussion. My friend Rosie, a fellow Stanford 2016 Admit, and Nevin, my good friend from VMHS, have joined me in my pursuit and we might even get some collaboration from my MITES friend Rosa. On another note, this morning I woke up and thought about solids of revolution and how we could use something like that to find the volume/generic equation for the cup. Besides having a good time this quest is going to be really fun because in the end we get ALL the left overs! I'll let you guys know when we get something :]