October 20, 2012

My life at Stanford so far!

Hey everyone, 
Sorry for the hiatus!
Anyways, let me update you on my college experience so far.

 So...I've been here (Stanford) for four weeks! Wow that was fast :o! But I love it. The weather, the people, the classes! Yes the classes too..for now :p

I'm taking Computational Mathematics for Engineers CME for short. More specifically CME 100 which is vector calculus for engineers. This course is epic. Week one I learned how Google Search utilizes vectors in hyper-dimensional space to cast search nets. MIND = BLOW :D

I'm also in CS106B which is Programming Abstractions at Stanford. This quarter it's taught by the amazing and animated Jerry Cain who I met at SSEA (Stanford Summer Engineering Academy).

My last class is Thinking Matters 9: Technological Visions of Utopia. YES! Even my humanities class is techie :D My course it co-taught by Rob Robinson and Eric Roberts. Eric Roberts is basically a god in CS. He wrote the freaking book. Literally. Anyways the course is amazing. We look into the way technology influences society and how to prevent technology from going haywire by reading literally works like Brave New World, Snow Crash, 1984 and the like!

 More awesome news: I'm starting the robotics club at Stanford. that's right: we don't have one...YET! More news on that in my next post...