My Projects

Project Scout  
This project combines my experience with obstacle avoidance, with my new interest in multi-robot communication. The objective of this project involves a scout robot using my N.O.M.A.D algorithm to solve a maze. While finding its way out of the maze, the "scout" robot "tells" a "blind" robot, not outfitted with sensors, how to get out of the maze based on its experience. The end result is two robots solving a maze while doing half the work.

N.O.M.A.D stands for NXT Optimal Movement and Autonomous Drive. This project is based on a simple algorithm I created for a robotics competition in High school. The objective of this competition was to create a fully autonomous robot capable of simple decision making as it used obstacle avoidance and detection to navigate a maze.
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This is TINY, my omni-directional robot platform. It started off as a fun project I used for my robotics club to demonstrate an advanced drive system and to give underclassmen a way to interact with a robot-platform first-hand. I later developed the control system for this robot and used it as a starting points for RoboCup Jr. Soccer.

This is a multi-robot communication project inspired by the Sci-fi movie Tron and the online Java game BM-Tron. The project will incorporate the Light-Cycle Battle game from the movie, which is similar in concept to Cat and Mouse. After the project is completed, I plan to apply the concepts learned to autonomous driving. Specifically, autonomous driving at high speeds, where a grid system and communication networks between vehicles will be imperative.